Monday, May 21, 2018

Quota System Vs. Stableford System

The Quota System and the Stableford System are two common methods for tournament scoring.  In the Quota System a player is given a quota equal to 36 minus his handicap (e.g., a 15 handicap would have a quota of 21).  As shown in the table below, a player earns points based on his gross score on each hole.  A player’s tournament score is the total of points earned minus his quota.  For example, if a player earned 24 points with a quota of 21, his tournament score would be +3.  In the Stableford System, a player earns points on his net score as shown in the table. The total number of points earned is his tournament score.

Points for Quota System and Stableford System

Quota System
Stableford System
Gross Double Eagle
Net Double Eagle
Gross Eagle
Net Eagle
Gross Birdie
Net Birdie
Gross Par
Net Par
Gross Bogey
Net Bogey
Gross Double Bogey
Net Double Bogey

It would seem a system based on gross scores would not necessarily produce the same winners as one based on net scores.  A closer analysis reveals that is not the case.  (For simplicity, eagles and double eagles have been excluded from the proof.)
The Quota System is described by equation 1):

1)                  Q= 3(Xs + Xn) + 2 (Ps + Pn) +1(Bs +Bn) – (36-H)

Q= Quota Score
Xs = Number of birdies on stroke holes
Xn = Number of birdies on non-stroke holes
Ps = Number of pars on stroke holes
Pn = Number of pars on non-stroke holes
Bs = Number of Bogeys on stroke holes
Bn = Number of Bogeys on non-stroke holes

The Stableford system is described by equation 2):

S = 4∙Xs + 3∙Xn + 3∙Ps +2∙Pn + 2∙Bs + 1∙Bn + 1∙Ds

              S = Stableford Score
              Ds = Number of Double Bogeys on stroke holes

Now a player’s handicap must equal:

H = Xs +Ps + Bs + Ds

Substituting equation 3) into equation 2):

S = H + 3Xs + 3Xn + 2Ps + 2Pn + 1Bs +1Bn

The difference between a player's Stableford score and his Quota score is shown in equation 5):

S – Q = H + 3(Xs + Xn) 2(Ps + Pn) + 1(Bs +Bn) – (3(Xs +Xn) + 2(Ps + Pn) + 1(Bs +Bn) - (36 – H)) = 36

In summary, a player’s Stableford score will be 36 points higher than his Quota score.  The rank order of player scores, however, will be the same under both systems.

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  1. It should be worth noting that the rank order might not be the same if using the Modified Stableford Scoring System, since the scoring is not linear. The scoring system for MSS is:

    • Double Eagle: 8 points
    • Eagle: 5 points
    • Birdie: 2 points
    • Par: 0 points
    • Bogey: -1 point
    • Double Bogey or more: -3 points